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31 Dec 2020

Tabletopia Gift Cards

Get 6 months Gold subscription with 20% off

Hey Tabletopians,

During the last week, we got a lot of questions from you if we can provide a gift card with a Tabletopia subscription. Though we do not have such a service in place, we tried our best to provide you with a solution. For a week until January 5th we run a special offer for 6 months of Gold subscription Gift Cards. You can get a card with a unique gift code and share it with your friends or loved ones. What is even better, we offer a 20% discount on these Gift cards.

How to get this offer?

  1. Send us an email to info@tabletopia.com with a Subject “I want to buy a 6 months Gold Gift card”
  2. In the body please tell us your PayPal email, where we can send an invoice for $48 ($60 with a 20% off)
  3. As soon as you’ll pay the invoice, we’ll send you a booklet with a unique gift code that you can just send to whoever you want to gift it. There he or she will find the code and all the info about applying it.

Important notice:

  1. We can only accept payments with PayPal
  2. You can either gift the code or apply it for your own subscription
  3. The code can be applied by January 31
  4. Before applying the code, please check our FAQ

We wish you a Happy New Year!

Tabletopia team.

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