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23 Feb 2023

A maniac on the loose vs 3 cops on the hunt, set in 70's San Francisco

Announcing Go Ahead Punk!

1970's San Francisco. A City Under Siege. A Maniac Sniper is on the loose… Codename – Stinger. Killing at random, he doesn’t want money. He’s enjoying himself.

Inspired by classic cop movies from the 1970s, Go Ahead Punk is a hidden movement game of cat-and-mouse stealth and all-guns blazing action! Can SFPD's finest stop Stinger in time?



For 2-4 players, one player takes on the role of the Sniper using hidden movement to sneak around the streets of San Francisco. The cards he draws will determine where he has access to take a shot before making his escape.

The other players take on the role of the cops, using their individual skills to help track down Stinger; Brannigan the uncompromising cop with a powerful 44 magnum, Johnson the combat specialist with the ability to re-roll dice and Lacey the intel specialist with an instinct for playing the right hunch.



When the cops find Stinger, combat breaks out as they try to take him down.
From six-shooter to rocket launcher, players use whatever weapons they've been able to lay their hands on. If the cops exhaust their health, they're taken to the ER to heal (no player elimination).


Katherine Lacey


Stinger must complete 3 hits and escape the city to win, but if he runs out of health, it's victory for SFPD!


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