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13 Jun 2024

Terra Nova - Save the World from Ecological Disaster!

Join the Battle for Earth's Future on Tabletopia

Step into the role of an environmental hero in Terra Nova, now available to play on Tabletopia! In this cooperative strategy game, your team must work together to combat pollution and save the planet from ecological disaster.



About the Game

In Terra Nova, players must pool their efforts to prevent the world from sinking further into environmental ruin. Your mission is to gather all the necessary resources and converge at the Earth Conservation Coalition (ECC) tile to win. However, if pollution levels rise too high, your mission ends in defeat.



Game Highlights:

  • Cooperative Strategy: Work together with your teammates to navigate the game board, clean up pollution, and gather resources.
  • Role Specialization: Each player has unique abilities that contribute to the team's success, from scientists who can clean diagonally to activists who can move others.
  • Dynamic Gameplay: Engage in actions like moving, cleaning, giving effort cards, and completing efforts to progress towards your goal.
  • High Stakes: Manage the pollution level carefully, as too much contamination can lead to environmental collapse and defeat.