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12 Jan 2024

Treat patients, save lifes, cooperate!

Announcing Healthy Heart Hospital 3rd Edition

Healthy Heart Hospital is a cooperative hospital game, where every patient is counted in dollars. Every game is different with a variety of doctors, nurses, and hospital administrators to choose from. Healthy Heart Hospital is easy to learn and features exciting cube-based gameplay. You will be dying to see each cube!

The previous edition of the game has been available on Tabletopia for several years, and now together with Tabletop Tycoon we prepared the newest one. New in this edition are updated artwork, a reduced number of components, and streamlined rules. Components can be stored in a new Hospital bag! Right at the beginning of the game, you give yourself a room and add a room each round. The Ambulance cards have been removed as well.

Your main goals are to not go broke or to run out of places to hide bodies! Also:

- Cooperative hospital management
- A Humorous variety of doctors and nurses to play as
- Cubes!

Play it now on Tabletopia!

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