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22 May 2017

Travel to the Heart of the Mists

A Mistfall expansion is available

The time has come to brave the mists again, now with the standalone expansion Mistfall: Heart of the Mists, in which the legendary adventure from Mistfall by NSKN Games continues. 

Join mighty heroes, face ruthless enemies and dire threats, and brave the path that will lead you into the Heart of the Mists!






Heart of the Mists is a fully cooperative card-based adventure game set in a dark fantasy world of wonder and peril. It can be played standalone or fully combined and integrated with Mistfall.


In this adventure you will find new Heroes, Enemies, Encounters, and Quests, as well as alternative versions of some of the base game mechanisms. Gather up your resolve, check your gear and get ready to go to brave the heart of the perilous Mists!


"Heart of the Mists in every way takes what was good about Mistfall and either keeps it good or makes it great. The prospect of introducing the new Heroes to the old ones in “guest starring…” roles is very exciting for old-timers but this is an ideal jumping-on point for newcomers to the game and its world." Jonathan Rowe

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