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07 Jul 2021

The HeidelBEAR letter piece puzzle summer!

Play to win and keep your brain burning

Keep your brain burning during the hot summer days?

Every day, HeidelBEAR will present you with a new Decipher riddle to solve. There are always 3 letter pieces missing! If you solve the riddle of the day, you will automatically be entered into a raffle to win the prize of the day, a Tabletopia Gold Membership for one month. If you manage to solve all the riddles, you have the chance to win the Summer-Games-Mainprize. This includes Spicy, Anansi, Coyote, Decipher, Tags and Wordsmith.

In addition, HeidelBEAR will be giving away three exclusive Decipher T-shirts to all participants. Will you manage to solve all the riddles or is your head already smoking? Even if you start solving the riddles later, you can still solve all of them up to 18.07.2021 and take part.

Here you will find the Decipher rules for a quick refresh. https://heidelbaer.de/en/decipher-en/


Read how to participate here!

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