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01 Oct 2020

Quick, cute, and for all ages!

Announcing 6 Helvetiq Games

6 games by publisher Helvetiq have made their way to Tabletopia, and are fun for the entire family! These games are all designed to play in around 20-30 minutes, are quick to learn, and are small and portable.


Captain Bluff




Captain Bluff is inspired by a real story: Unhappy in his job, a baggage handler has been caught recently messing up with luggage, sending it to every destination but the right one, and it had been happening for years!

Now it's your turn! To win, be the first one to dispatch all your luggage! To do this, open new conveyor belts, swap round departure cities, and get rid of your luggage quickly! But be careful as your colleagues also want to leave early and can call you out if they realize you are getting rid of luggage on the wrong conveyor belt!

Which one of you will be the airport's new Captain Bluff?


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Kompromat: Duel of Spies




Rumour has it that damaging information is circulating about a major public figure. Two rival secret agents compete to suppress it or propagate it. They undertake daring missions and become notorious in the process.

Kompromat is a thrilling 2-player game combining hands of blackjack, set collection and special interactive actions. Push your luck and leave your mark on history!


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1932, Chicago: You are a prohibition gangster. The Untouchables are about to raid your smuggling warehouse. Get rid of your stock before your opponents get rid of theirs.

Play as many rounds as the number of players. Whoever has the lowest score at the end wins. To win a round, you have to be the one who has the lowest stock of bottles when Omerta is called.


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It’s raining outside. The windows are misty, but covered in drawings. Players receive cards with different designs and keep only one for their window. They then give the other cards to their neighbor.

After 12 turns, each player has a magnificent window filled with drawings that will come to life in front of them: the balloons float up, the vehicles drive out and the leaves fall down. Only some of the drawings can earn you points. The most beautiful and valuable drawing is the flower, but watch out for the monster who keeps on trying to eat it.

Misty is a tactical draft game, in which to win, one must anticipate where the cards will move and watch the other players’ windows.


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Tired of seeing Bandido always escaping? Beware, a new gangsta’s coming to town. Which side will you choose this time: will you play cop and try to prevent Bandida from running away, or join the wild side and help her? In this new Pocket game, you will find all the things you loved about Bandido and more. Three different ways of playing and cooperating all together bring even more fun.


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In your enchanted kingdom, a flock of colorful birds is flying around. To impress the Queen, will you be able to attract the best specimen to land on your wire? Pick them carefully to score fewer points than the other bird catchers and beware, the biggest birds might cost you victory.

In Papageno, players collect bird cards, exchange bigger birds for smaller ones — or vice versa — and create pairs in order to find the perfect balance on their wire. Papageno, Mozart's famous bird catcher, can help attract birds in your garden...or mess with all the players' games.


Play it now on Tabletopia!



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