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05 Aug 2021

An Indian cooking competition to cook for King Henry VIII

Announcing Henry's Feast

King Henry VIII’s trip to India cannot successfully conclude until he gets a taste of the best Indian food the King of India has to offer. The Indian King has commissioned some of the finest chefs to compete for a chance to cook at Henry’s Feast. He has asked his Head Chef to arrange the competition.


Henry's Feast is a competitive, family-friendly, appetizing, cooking board game for the hungry. A deep strategy game where players are constantly challenged to think ahead and work with limited resources to cook King Henry's favourite dishes.




The game consists of a personal kitchen in the form of a player board that each player will use to cook their dishes. The kitchen also has a pantry with limited space and can only store so many ingredients. Players are forced to choose between using their stations to start cooking, and therefore, revealing the dishes they want to cook or store them in the pantry for future use. However, the empty space in the pantry will determine how many ingredients you can take in the next round. In the middle of all the players, lies the Stockroom that is quicker to get to, but has a lower probability of finding the ingredients you need. The Market has all the ingredients but is farther and requires more time (an extra round) to utilize.


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