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17 Nov 2022

Take the role of a guardian to defeat a colossal ice rival

Announcing Hitodama

You and your fellow spirits should keep the commandments of the seasons. You should work as a team and reforest the forests with sacred seeds and bring in abundance.



Hitodama is a fantasy-themed strategy game with a watercolor style. It tells the story of guardians of the forest and their actions to take care of it. In each game, the board is changing, favoring, or disfavoring the cardinal points activating effects of the activated areas. The resources distributed on the board are obtained by the system of worker placement. During your turn, choose between playing cards you have in your hand or interacting with other players. Get your own resources to get your victory points, but you must not forget that the players must work as a team to advance through the seasons.



Hitodama is ideal for players looking for a challenge, but it also works great for novice players. The story is beautifully told with art that makes it unique.


Hitodama prototype components


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