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30 Jan 2021

Drones vs. Workers! Who will dominate the hive? 🐝

Announcing Hivernation

Hivernation is a two-player, tabletop strategy game based on actual bee behaviour. Every year, just before winter, hives around the world kick out all the Drone bees so that the Workers and the Queen can over winter and come back strong in the spring. The game is based on this.



In Hivernation, two players (or two teams of two players) receive a stack of 20 double sided, hexagonal bee tiles (one side Workers, one side Drones) as well as 3 specialty tiles chosen at random (or, for fairness, 2 flower tiles and 1 bear tile).




The Queen Zizi Tile is placed in the center of the play space and players take turns playing tiles from their stack. They can attach to Queen Zizi or their own bees but not directly to their opponents bees. When the two sides meet, each player, on their turn, can start converting their opponents tiles to their own by sandwiching their opponents tiles between two of their own and flipping the tiles in between to show the opposite side. There are opportunities to flip tiles in multiple directions at once as well. When a player does this they've made a multi-directional play and they're awarded another specialty tiles chosen from the stack at random.




Or they can modify game play by using one of those specialty tiles to flip tiles in a ring, stop tiles from being flipped or removing them from the game completely. The winner is the player with more of their tiles face up when the first player runs out of bee tiles to play.


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