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15 Dec 2016

Tabletopia and Indie Game Alliance Announce Partnership

Tabletopia and the Indie Game Alliance (IGA) announced a partnership today to increase the visibility of IGA member games on the Tabletopia platform and make their promotion and demonstration easier.


Under the terms of the deal, Tabletopia will exclusively share with IGA the gameplay statistics for supported games and IGA will recommend Tabletopia to its members for playtest and demo purposes. Also, from now on the IGA's volunteer demo team, the Minions, may teach and demonstrate IGA-supported games on the Tabletopia platform and receive 'Loot Points'.

"We're very excited about the new dimension that our partnership with Tabletopia adds to the Indie Game Alliance," IGA Executive Director Matt Holden said. "This partnership will be a game-changer for member publishers looking to playtest their games inexpensively, or just get the word out about a project in advance of a crowdfunding campaign."


On the IGA website member companies will now be able to attach links to Tabletopia games to their game profiles and add a special "Play on Tabletopia" button. A dedicated page on the website also shows all the IGA games available for play and demonstration on Tabletopia. We hope that this partnership will result in many-many new games added to Tabletopia!


Founded in 2014, the Indie Game Alliance is an international guild comprised of more than 450 independent tabletop game designers and publishers based in Orlando, FL USA. In addition to its international demo team and ever-expanding convention presence, the IGA also offers its members significant discounts on manufacturing, services and support through its partner program, consulting and development services, and a variety of tools and resources on its website, indiegamealliance.com.


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