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18 Jun 2024

Unveil the Nightmares with Incubo on Tabletopia!

Dive into a Chilling Cooperative Adventure and Save Nina from Her Nightmares

Prepare to enter a world of dreams and darkness with Incubo, a captivating cooperative adventure game. Starting today, you and your friends can dive into the chilling journey on Tabletopia. Plus, in just 24 hours, the official Gamefound campaign launches, offering you a chance to support and get your own copy of this thrilling game!



A Haunting Story

In Incubo, you play as Tommy, Alpha, and Nina—three inseparable friends who must navigate their worst nightmares to save Nina from the clutches of sinister monsters. Guided by courage and teamwork, Tommy and Alpha face terrifying challenges, growing stronger with each step in their quest to rescue their friend.