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09 Jun 2021

May the best fort win

Announcing Junk Forts

Collect junk, construct your defences, and may the best fort win.

In Junk Forts, players take the role of kids constructing super-serious definitely structurally sound fortifications from finds at a scrapheap, pilfering materials from a circulating junk truck.


2-5 players
30-45 minutes
Rondel drafting, set collection, all-out war (before dinnertime)

Player are competing to build the coolest fort, replete with towers, banners, walls, 'special characters' (read cool costumes), and more.

Each turn players draft from a rondel of cards, collecting new materials and adding it to their fort, or placing it in their Crew, Stash, or Piggy Bank if it's more than just another chunk of wall made from the side of a van. Combinations of different defences will provide more prestige points for your fort, as well as doubling down on certain combos with one of a range of banners, or utilising the special powers of characters to reap the benefits of your existing combos.




Junk Forts is designed by Brett J. Gilbert (Elysium, Mandala, Chocolate Factory) & Matthew Dunstan (Monumental, Adventure Games, Pioneer Days).

This game is part of The ITB Lunchbox Series - games that can be played by busy adults over lunch!


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