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19 Feb 2023

Organize your party to become the True King in this unique trick-taking game from Japan!


In KINGs, players will draft their party of cute characters, each with a unique ability, and compete against the other players to be crowned the "True TrickTaker"!



The game consists of 3 rounds. Each player will draft their party. In addition to the King, Queen, and Jack, you will draft 3 other characters to form your party. After 5 cards are dealt, each player will organize their party that will be used for that round. Of the 3 characters, 2 characters are used on the front side and 1 character is used on the back side. The back of the character is a bid (predict how many times you will win). 5 tricks are played, using must follow rules, with the exception of a few cards. After completing 5 tricks, points will be awarded according to bids made as well as any character abilities. In round 3, you can make 1-2 bids. At this time, you can also use the jack as a bid.



After 3 rounds, the player with the most points wins the game.


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