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23 May 2021

Feed, grow, and push! ... or explode. 🥝

Announcing Kiwi Chow Down

Control your ravenous kiwi flock to outnumber your opponents and claim dominance over island sections.


1-4 players
30-90 minutes
Area control, objective competition, ravenous birdies!



Kiwi Chow Down is played over four seasons with each season having a different objective to earn rewards. Each season has three rounds and you can either build, move or feed depending on the cards in your hand and the strategy you want to adopt.

When you build, you claim benefits for your kiwi flock both immediately and at the beginning of each season.



Kiwi birds are hungry and love to be fed. When you feed them, they grow and can push other smaller kiwi out of the way, or even off the island. Be careful though – too much food and they explode! Move your kiwi flock to strategic areas to outnumber your opponents. Use your leader or larger kiwi birds to push other players kiwis out of the way or off the board.


gyzx9lokxfdizctctzlzew0 (1).jpg


At the end of each season place domain markers to claim your territory. Domain markers = victory points. When the game ends, the player with the most victory points wins.


Now in its final days on Kickstarter!

Play it now on Tabletopia!



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