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18 Nov 2016

Lobby 2.0 is Now Live

New design, switch games, invite players and other features

Meet the new game lobby on Tabletopia: crisp, friendly, more easy to handle, and with several new and updated features! 

New and Revamped Features:

  • New design and look: Lobby 2.0 is more simple, friendly and easy to understand and manage.
  • Invite players: You can now invite not only your Tabletopia friends but also other users who have experience playing this game. Also, don’t forget that you can invite people who don’t have Tabletopia accounts: share the link/room number with them. It’s free.
  • Game status: The process of gathering players for the game is now more clear.
  • Switch game: You can now switch to another game without even leaving the lobby! Hover the cursor over the game box and click Switch, then select a new game.
  • Private/public room: Making the room visible or invisible to other players in Find & Play is now also more intuitive. Private rooms are not shown in Find & Play.
  • Spectators: Players who enter the room but do not take seats, are displayed as Spectators.
  • Custom background (Premium): Premium users can change the background image of the rooms they create. Click the Settings icon to access this and other room settings.




Features Planned for Future:

  • More room settings: Allowing other players to invite players, manage game flow and seats, etc.
  • Appropriate setup: When switching the game, the system will select the setup most appropriate for the number of players in the room.
  • Further player statuses enhancements.
  • Further design tweaks, improvements, and some other features.


We really hope you like our new lobby. Happy gaming and see you at the table!

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