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02 May 2022

Play 3 unique games to craft an RPG character

Announcing Loki: Play-To-Role

Loki is the first Play-to-Role game! Play through three different card games with your friends (push-your-luck, bluffing and memory) and dive into a mystical Norse atmosphere.

  • Asgard is a bluffing game where players must act as a Norse deity while bluffing to stay undercover. The last one remaining alive wins the match.
  • Omen is a push-your-luck & memory game where players place bets to guess the number of cards on the board. Omen cards act as a jolly and can turn luck and memory against everybody.
  • Valhalla is a combat game where players compete against each other and against monsters to remain the last man standing in the arena.




Once the games are complete, the results and the points obtained by the players, together, form the traits of their characters in Mask of Loki, the Role-playing game that acts as a fourth module. The game comes with a handy game manual explaining the rules: Mask of Loki, in fact, is a very simple game (it takes half an hour to be mastered) that rewards cooperative play and awards poor luck in the previous character creation session.

Hours of funny, thrilling and amazing adventures in the Norse society are waiting for you. Dive into Loki and show everybody what you are made of!




Coming soon to Kickstarter!

Play it now on Tabletopia!



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