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12 Jan 2023

Raise an army or raid as a dragon!

Announcing Lords of Vaala

A game of power based in the universe of Dragonbond.

In Lords of Vaala, raid as a dragon or raise armies as a general, destroy your enemies, and cast mighty spells, all to collect power. Once you have collected 10 power tokens, you win the game immediately.



During the game, a general and a dragon in the same region have a chance of becoming Dragonbonded and playing as a team, sharing their power resource to cast spells and gaining a special ability, however, in order to win, both players require to collect 15 power in total.



In the planning phase, players secretly play action cards in a face-down pile to program their actions across the board until one player passes; in the resolution phase, actions are resolved in order.

Dragons and generals play entirely different in strategy and actions. And all characters in the game have a unique deck of spells.


Dragonbond: Lords of Vaala prototype


In a world without gods, only you may claim your destiny.


Dragonbond: Lords of Vaala on Tabletopia


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Dragonbond: Lords of Vaala Tabletopia banner

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