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10 Jan 2023

A Yahtzee-like dice game where the dog always wins!

Announcing Lucky Dog

Lucky Dog is a dice game where the dog always wins. There are two ways to play: A free-for-all 2-4 player version, and a 2-player cooperative version.

In the free-for-all version players take turns revealing 5 cards with parameters (such as 3 of a kind, 3 in a row, two pair, etc.) The player rolls 5 six sided dice and then may discard and reveal one new card. The player then gets an opportunity to reroll any of the dice up to twice, trying to fulfill the parameters of as many of the cards as possible. When they are done re-rolling, they take and score any of the revealed cards that the dice fulfill the parameters for. Players take turns in this manner until a player reaches 20 points, then the player with the most points at the end of the round wins.


Lucky Dog components


In the 2 player cooperative version, each player will have 2 hidden cards in their hand. The player who's turn it is rolls all five dice and choose to 'keep' any of the dice, but must choose at least one. The second player takes and rolls any of the un-kept dice, then they can keep any of the dice, but must keep at least one. Players roll dice back and forth like this until all dice are kept. As soon as that happens, both players can score any cards in their hand that the dice meet the parameters for. If the players collectively score at least one card, they may keep playing by drawing up to two cards and starting a new round. If they can't score a card, it's game over with a total score equal to all the cards scored. -Description from BGG


Lucky Dog cards


Coming soon to Kickstarter!

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