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16 Aug 2021

Hope of the Forgotten Gods

Announcing Lumeria: War of the Gods

It is known that Gods are as strong as their followers' faith. But time passes by, people die, civilizations vanish, and so does faith. Afraid of being weak and forgotten, gods - one by one - turn their heads towards Lumeria, where new acolytes await...




2 players

30-45 minutes

Area majority, grid movement, asymmetrical card battle!



Lumeria: War of the Gods is an asymmetrical battle-card game where players take on a roles of Gods leading their followers and fight others on the field of battle.



During the game, players will deploy and control units and powerful mythical creatures. Using a variety of different skills and actions, they will try to lead their armies in the best possible way. Everything in order to score more scenario points than the opponent.




Fast pacing, limited randomness, smart balancing mechanisms and a variety of factions, tactics and strategies will result in different, exciting experiences every time you play.


Final hours on Kickstarter!

Now on Tabletopia!



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