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13 Apr 2021

Mages craft their spells and fight over Mana to defeat each other

Announcing Mage Noir

Mage Noir is a strategy card game. In this duelling game, players become true Mages and fight each other with the power of the elements. The game is focused on crafting spells and is packed with fireballs, crashing waves, devastating tornadoes and powerful magical abilities, all held in the palm of your hand.



Become a Mage and duel your opponents by using the spells at your disposal.

Mana is aggregated at the center of the table, every action you take will change this amount, and you’ll get to claim some of it at the beginning of your turn. But the rest may end up with your opponent, so plan accordingly. The separation of Mana from your deck also means no more failing to draw what you need to cast your spells!



In Mage Noir, you’ll combine lesser spells to create stronger ones. The spell crafting system is simple, logical and very thematic. Will you cast your spells for immediate effects or risk saving them to combine into a game-winning combo?

All of it beautifully illustrated by 7 passionate and talented artists.



Will you be the next Mage Noir?


Now on Kickstarter!

Play it now on Tabletopia!



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