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26 Feb 2022

An exciting majority battle for 2 mages

Announcing Magistrar: Duel of the Mages

Quick start, quick gameplay, several game variants. Magistrar: Duel of the Mages is a new type of duel game for two players that combines elements of different game mechanics such as set collection, multiscorer and worker placement. This makes it varied, challenging and tactical at the same time.



“Magistrar” - the realm of mages - is in turmoil. Once a year, the most powerful mages of the country come together to compete in a spectacular contest, the Magicus Pugna. Here everyone joins in who thinks highly of himself and his magic skills. In a huge arena, you will fight as two of these mages against each other for fame and glory. Can you harness the magical energy of the arena for yourself and defeat your opponent with your spells?




In this magical competition, you want to earn the title of the most respected mage. To do this, you must earn the highest number of victory points – we call them Honoris points. You receive Honors when you win individual duels by tactically deploying your spell pawns and collecting as many energies of one type as possible. If you are the master of the light or the dark energy, you are sure to enthuse the masses.



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