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26 Aug 2022

Collect shards of power before humans invade

Announcing Mammothodus: The Forgotten History

Mammothodus: The Forgotten History is a team survival board game in the ancient world inspired by the legends of the people of Sakha. An unforgettable journey for 1-4 players!




Each player takes control of one or more clans of the Ancients and try to leave this world. This is a cooperative game and all players win or lose together. Each player controls one or more clans of Ancients.

In the game you have to establish a portal to another world by collecting "shards of power" scattered all over the playing field. If you collect the right combination in the right place, the players can activate the "place of power".




When four "places of power" are activated, a portal will open. This must be done before humans can invade these lands, and before any clan is exterminated or degenerates into an animal state.




Coming soon to Kickstarter!

Play it now on Tabletopia!



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