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01 Apr 2016

Our progress in March

An overview of new Tabletopia features

This publication covers our recent development progress and should be helpful, both for experienced, and new Tabletopia users.


Please note that some of what we will describe below is not currently accessible in our browser version, but we will soon merge the features for both browser and Steam versions. Just as a reminder to our existing users – you can get access to the Steam version anytime for free – just follow these instructions.


So let’s begin


1. New design of the game catalog and game description pages  

We have made it more compact and interactive. When you mouse over any of the games, you can choose appropriate actions – such as finding out more about the game, or opening a new table for it.



And on the first screen, we have added the user’s personal game panel with shortcuts to their games they are playing, invitations, bookmarks and recommendations.




2. Friends

You will see all of your Steam friends + people you have “bookmarked” on Tabletopia. For those who have already joined our system, you will see the last time they were active, and the  type of activity. For your Steam friends who are not yet using Tabletopia, there will be an option to invite them to join.





3. Invite your friends to play a game

In your game lobby, you will be able to invite your friends to join your game.




They will see the invite, and will be able to join or reject your invitation.



We recommend to pin a message in the lobby’s chat for invited players.




And remember that you can also share the TableID or its unique URL with other Steam or browser Tabletopia users. Try out Steam group or Discord Server.




4. Find and play

We have implemented the first version of our player matching section. You can select your game table to be visible in the “Find and play” section.



The Reputation filter (coming soon) will only show your table to users with a reputation high enough but all other parameters are only a request. For example, if you create a game for reputation 5+ asking for expert players speaking German, then only users with 5+ reputation will see the game, but it is up to them to identify themselves as an expert player who can speak German.


In the “Find & Play” section, as well as the list of available game tables, you will find a chat feature, giving you other options to find worthy opponents. There are still many improvements have to be added to the current player matching section – so new update will come very soon!




5. Voice communication

Now you can speak with other players via the internal Steam sound system. It is available only for communication between Steam users. Press the Mic icon near the chat window or use the T(alk) hotkey. We are still working on a multi platform voice chat feature, but right now if you are playing with browser users – try out our Discord server or use Skype.




6. Game rules integrated in game client  

From now on, you will be able to look up the rules of the game more easily. Find Rules icon or press the “I” key to load and open the game rules. If you close and reopen the rules, it will remember the page location where you were previously.



We hope you will find these numerous improvements helpful. And much more is coming. We will appreciate all your feedback. Let’s play some games!  


With best regards,
Tim Bokarev
CEO Tabletopia

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