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10 Jul 2017

Master of the Galaxy: Per Tabletopia Ad Astra

Soon on Kickstarter!

Master of the Galaxy is a fast-pacing, innovative 4X board game with bag-building & card drafting in which you jump to the stars and build your galactic civilization. After two years of development the game hits Kickstarter on July 18 to be released by Ares Games and Igrology.

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Master of the Galaxy was initially created and developed on Tabletopia, which was also used for extensive digital playtesting. 4000 people played it online during 3400 hours, something that is impossible to achieve with physical prototypes! The game was also often requested by players for our Learn & Play sessions.

Thanks to numerous testing sessions and feedback the authors made many important changes to the gameplay, including:

  • Totally remade government cards and added unique abilities
  • Improved conflict and leader cards
  • Added more player interaction
  • Substantially revamped development cards
  • Added a new path to victory for those who want to develop science not expansion, etc.


The game was also presented to many publishers on conventions and fairs. Igrology Studio decided to release the game together with Ares Games, publishers of War of the Ring, Sword and Sorcery, Wings of Glory, and many other popular titles.

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