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18 Apr 2022

Rebuild the galaxy and help its inhabitants find new homes

Announcing Micro Cosmos

Micro Cosmos is a 1-4 player, card-based, resource management game in which players try to terraform planets, create colonies and bring back survivors to their homeworlds.




On each turn, players move their spaceship (Ark) and use their cards in one of 3 different ways to gain and convert resources and perform different actions from the celestial body or satellite they are currently on.



Players try to gain victory points by terraforming planets, scouting for members of various races and settling them on their homeworlds and creating colonies on planets they visit. Once a set number of planets is fully terraformed, the player with the most victory points is considered the winner.


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The game includes a robust solo mode that uses a super simple Automa deck to perform the AI player's actions. Various levels of difficulty create a challenge for any player.



Coming soon to Kickstarter!

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