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24 May 2024

Micro Moonshine Unleashes the Thrill of Prohibition Bootlegging!

Dive into the Shadowy World of Bootleggers and Speakeasies

Step into the world of Prohibition-era bootlegging with Micro Moonshine! This captivating tabletop game transports players to the 1920s, where cunning and resourcefulness are the keys to becoming the most notorious bootlegger in town.

In Micro Moonshine, you and your fellow players will:

Hire Shady Workers: From trustworthy drivers to secretive distillers, recruit the right crew to ensure your moonshine operation runs smoothly.
Secure Essential Ingredients: Gather the necessary resources—sugar, corn, and yeast—to distill your potent alcohol.
- Distill Potent Alcohol: Utilize your distillers to create high-quality moonshine that will satisfy even the most discerning speakeasy patrons.
Deliver to Speakeasies: Navigate the dangers of the underground market to fulfill lucrative contracts and expand your influence.