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17 Jun 2021

The game of living with balance

Announcing Mizan

You’ve just finished school. All your friends have gone off on different journeys. Starting degrees, internships, and their own businesses; heading toward bright futures.

What about you? What are you going to do?

Well, get off the couch for starters. Consider your options, make a decision, and get moving. The world’s not coming to you.





1-4 players
45-90 minutes
Resource management, self-growth, competitive #lifegoals





Mizan is a game of life where players use cards to grow towards being ready for their dream job. Different cards develop different aspects of your life.

  • Legacy (impact on the world)
  • Knowledge (learning and skills)
  • Wellness (emotional and physical wellbeing)
  • Gold (material goods and funds)




It’s not all smooth sailing. There are costs, there are bills. There are random events that will change your fortune, and there are other players to contend with. The first player who builds the points needed for their goals wins the game and takes the first step in their career.



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