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08 Aug 2018

Play Online on Your iPad

Online Play for Tabletopia Mobile is now available

A long-awaited feature of online play is now available in our Tabletopia Mobile app. You can learn more about these new functions as well as ways to implement your own games using your iPad. 

We are moving closer towards the release of Android version, with cross-platform play feature also being in the pipeline. In the meantime, we continue to make more and more games available on tablets. Please let us know in the comments which of our games you would especially like to see in mobile catalog.

Today we present you 4 new additions to Tabletopia Mobile:


Cerebria: The Inside World

Pool building and area control game about spirits building an Identity composed of inner realms like Senses, Values and Desires.



Fantastic Factories 

Engine-building and dice-placement game about setting up the most efficient set of factories by managing blueprints, training workers and manufacturing goods.



Clans of Caledonia

Route building economic game about historic clans of Scotland competing to produce, trade and export different goods.



Card drafting and set collection game in which players are in charge of populating a new village, with the aim of it becoming the most prosperous one.


We are continuously looking for more feedback, so make sure you try out our Mobile app if you have an iPad in hand. You can download it from AppStoreFeel free to contact us (at info@tabletopia.com) with any comments after you give Tabletopia Mobile a try.


Tabletopia Team

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