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30 Apr 2023

Enter the world of Scottish mythology and free your clan from legendary monsters

Announcing Monsters of Loch Lomond

In Monsters of Loch Lomond, you are the leader of a Scottish clan that is competing with other clans for control of the Loch Lomond area.


Monsters of Loch Lomond components


Each night, monsters come out of the foggy waters of the Loch and attack the local settlements. Your clan must defend itself and chase these monsters into the highlands or towards rivalling clans.


Monsters of Loch Lomond cards


The goal of the game is to find where the monsters are hiding, chase them away and make your clan the strongest one in the area, giving you a strategic advantage over your rivals.


Monsters of Loch Lomond on Tabletopia


Coming soon to Kickstarter!

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