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18 Sep 2022

One Player. Two Hidden Identities. Master the art of timing!

Announcing M.O.R.P.H.O.

Suffering the long-term suppression of allying aliens, the moribund underground rebellion, Morpho, is planning the last operation to overthrow the Empire. “The Empire is making every attempt to vacillate our minds. O’ mighty and honorable braveries! Rebirth shall come to the world!”



M.O.R.P.H.O. is a quick and portable social deduction game. In a game for 3-6 players, you will control two identities to attain their winning condition. You could investigate the identities of other players to figure out the situation, hit the right timing to take action, or even change your character to explore a new winning condition.



Apart from the basic identities, you may also add the special ids-- Outsiders and Aliens to the game. Their abilities and goals can definitely provide diversity and fascinating experiences!


MORPHO cards laid out


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