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08 Mar 2022

Bloom. Potion. Duel. Dominance. A territory game for 2-4.

Announcing Mushroom Sorcerer

Elementis is a land filled with all kinds of mystical elements. Over the years, The Great Sorcerer has kept the balance of all elements and maintained peace in this magical world. Through practising family magic and worshipping the twin moons, sorcerers in Elementis learn the skills to control various elements in everyday lives.




In every duo luna year, the Great Sorcerers’ Apprentice Tournament is held in the enchanted forest. Sorcerers from all over the Elementis gather around, exploring the growth of elemental-mushrooms, “GUs”. Through their understanding of sorcery, potion and knowledge over the weirdest landscape in the world, they duel, attain the most INFLUENCE and win the seat!




Mushroom Sorcerer is an easy-to-learn, mid-level strategic area-controlling game equipped with 3D “GU” pieces. By exploring and growing different GUs on Elementis, you gain different elements and level up your sorcery skill. Sorcerers take turns in order until either one has finished "Forest Dominance" or "Moon Blessing".




Coming soon to Kickstarter!

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