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15 Mar 2022

Roll dice and trade your way to a horse!

Announcing My Kingdom For a Horse / Mein Königreich für ein Pferd

In My Kingdom For a Horse, players are farmers who set up pastures to breed livestock. Sheep reproduce super fast and easy but are worth almost nothing. Better to trade them for pigs - and trade those for cattle - and trade those for horses. But make sure there are enough pastures to keep them all...


German-language review


Players start with some sheep and a pig and breed them as efficiently as possible. When it's your turn, you roll some dice, re-roll up to two times, pick one and let the other players choose one of the others. The dice show different actions, like receiving more animals or building fences. This is necessary to build pastures big enough to keep all your animals. Along with these dice, a breeding die is rolled that shows which animal class breeds this turn. Each pair of animals of this kind produces a new one. Animals can be traded for others worth more: Sheep can be traded for a pig, pigs for cattle, and horses.




The first player to have one of each animal is the winner.




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