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13 Jun 2023

The next wave of Nano9games from AV Studio Games

Announcing Clin9ic, Asteroid Miners, & 12 Patrols

After its breakthrough success in 2021, the NANO9GAMES are back! 3 New games to master, more great illustrations from Ilya Baranovsky. Is your brain ready to play these 3 new tough and complex games?

A Nano9Game is a game that only contains 9 Cards, 9 Dice, and 9 Cubes. Nano means something tiny!



12 Patrols



12 Patrols is a solo, mostly abstract strategy game played with 9 cards, 9 D6 dice, and 9 cubes. Play as the Constable of the kingdom. Send out 12 patrols of knights and footmen to protect all 9 regions.

12 Patrols won 2nd place for best overall game in the 2019 9 Card Design Contest.


12 Patrols Tabletopia banner


Asteroid Miners


In Asteroid Miners you lead your crew of fellow Belters in mining the asteroid belt, excavating valuable minerals in the cold of space. It is a two-player dice-rolling game where you excavate precious metals using a precision drill and upgradable mining equipment, digging deeper and deeper into a series of 3 asteroids.



You will use a dice pool to manipulate your drill components to match the minerals in your current excavation section. After successful excavations you may sell your minerals to a fluctuating Metal Market, trying to earn more profit than your competitor to win the game.


Asteroid Miners Tabletopia banner




This is a Nano9 version of Clinic Deluxe Edition. It has been designed to provide the same feeling as playing a game of Clinic but without the setup, and without the other players… all with just 9 cards, 9 dice, and 9 cubes! Each game lasts less than 30 minutes, perfect for a lunch break at the cafeteria of the clinic!



In Clin9ic, you'll build a clinic; hire nurses, orderlies, and doctors; admit patients to earn money and popularity, gambling on how much time you can take to cure ill patients. Satisfy the victory condition, which you choose before you start, to win the game!


Clin9ic Tabletopia banner


All 3 games are on Kickstarter now!

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