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02 Mar 2022

Take a break and learn mindfulness (yes, really!)

Announcing Nevermind The Distraction: A Mindfulness Tabletop Experience

Have you ever tried to meditate? You know that feeling you get when your mind runs off into your consciousness like a racoon digging through a suburban trash can and you just want it to be still? Imagine if that were a game. This is that game. Breathe. Don't let yourself get too distracted!



Become The Watcher and engage your own mind in a contest to determine the ultimate fate of its wandering thoughts. Breathe, and try not to stay too distracted! Nevermind The Distraction is a solitaire card game inspired by the principles and experience of meditation. We spend so much time living inside our heads, we often fail to see the world around us clearly. Only by slowing down, recognizing our mind has distracted us and letting go can we truly experience life in its purest form.



Nevermind The Distraction was born of a dream to bring meditation and mindfulness to a wider audience in an entertaining and accessible format while still offering tools for real mental health improvement. This highly customizable tabletop experience uses the same components for two independent activities and includes several themed Distraction Card to ensure a unique experience every time.



Play it now on Tabletopia!



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