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28 Mar 2022

Build a pizzeria chain in Manhattan

Announcing New York Pizza Delivery

Delivering Pizzas in Manhattan has never been so much fun!



In New York Pizza Delivery, your career will start by collecting ingredients, building pizzerias, and of course delivering pizzas to earn the most money and be declared the best pizzeria in New York City. Special multipurpose ingredient cards are used for determining your building lots, your pizzeria’s special powers, your pizzeria’s permanent ingredients, or upgrading your pizzeria so that you can deliver pizzas like a pro. Every time you deliver a pizza you will be paid for the pizza and you may even earn a valuable tip along with collecting additional power cards that can be used to gain you more income or zoom you around the streets quicker and more economical.



A little bit resource collection, some more bits resource management, with just a pinch of area control, and maybe a little pickup & delivery all wrapped up with some asymmetrical powers for fun. 

This game plays 2-6 players and lasts about 15-20 per player with a surprise ending that always feels intense.




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