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18 Sep 2020

A brutal and irreverent story-driven arena combat game full of strategy and laughs.

Announcing NEXUS

NEXUS is a brutal and irreverent story-driven arena combat game that takes place on massive space barges. Packed with rabid and bloodthirsty fans, these barges feature an array of deadly hazards that are designed to indiscriminately kill or injure all combatants. Full of beautifully illustrated and amusingly inappropriate cards and lore, each bout leaves you with a story to tell and laughs to be had by all.

NEXUS puts dice, the classic tabletop gaming tool, to good use; to pit genetically engineered champions, known as helots, against one another in visceral combat. Players will experience the rush of being a lanista as their dice rolls determine the fate of their hapless helots followed by thunderous bursts of laughter.


Bloodthirsty Combat - Engage in bouts that pit fighters against each other in an all-or-nothing battle where only one will emerge victorious... and possibly alive. But do not worry, NEXUS is not all about winning and losing in the barge arena. Even a loss can build your fame and wealth enough to defeat your opponent in the only outcome that truly matters, your rise to power.

Command Your Champion - Known as helots, these mindless genetic freaks rely on your instructions to put them in the best positions to win. Overpower your opponent’s helot with your champion’s brute strength or use your helot’s cunning to lure its adversary into hazards - no method of winning matters so long as your helot is the last one standing.



Adapt, Evolve, and Conquer - Switch up your strategy on the fly, take advantage of turning points, triggered events, positioning bonuses, and other tactics that can turn a losing bout into a rousing victory.


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