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02 Dec 2015

Our progress in November

An overview of new features for players and game designers

Dear Friends and fellow Tabletopia users!


We were working hard during November and we thought we would bring to your attention, some of our most important achievements during the past month.





One of our most important tasks is to launch Tabletopia on Steam. The good news - we have done our first test plays using a downloadable Steam client and everything works perfectly! Now it is time to adjust our web part of Tabletopia for the Steam client and then we will be ready to open early access on Steam. We hope to do this at the beginning of February.


Village-Steam.jpgHere is Village running on Tabletopia via the Steam client

Picture counters

These are a very powerful and flexible tool for all game creators. They allow you to keep track of different parameters during the game using a series of images instead of numbers. It can be used to simulate dials and spinners as well as stickers and in-game multi-page leaflets. It can be used as a random number generator like dice, but flat and with no limit to the amount of sides. Read more here or


picture-counters-demo3.jpgtake a look at a demonstration of different implementations of picture counters.

Turn based mode

This is finished, and you can read how it works here. We are now working on PBEM (play by e-mail mode)



Content for game developers

We have created a lot of game figures and tokens and would like to share it with you. Please take a look in the Game Objects Catalog (Custom Meeples and Tokens folders).




Knowledge base

Among the most important articles published in November are Visual design guide, Game Creator ChecklistPlay ZonesObject Behaviors and Picture counter - please take a look!



KS Early access

As we have promised our Kickstarter backers we will send them keys to join Tabletopia in December. We plan to do this just before Christmas. We are looking forward to seeing all of you on board!



New games

Many new games were added to Tabletopia - we have decided to give you weekly previews of some of them, so please take a look on

Games for this weekend №1

Games for this weekend №2



Excellent game K2 from Rebel is coming soon on Tabletopia

Stay tuned! And play games! :)



With best regards,

Tim Bokarev

CEO   Tabletopia

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