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05 Jan 2017

Learn & Play Events for Jan 6–8

Paperback, Codex, Master of the Galaxy

After a short vacation our game demos are back! This weekend we learn and play Paperback, Codex, and the updated Master of the Galaxy.




Jan 6, 9 PM (EST)


Jan 7, 11 AM (EST)

Master of the Galaxy

Jan 8, 11 AM (EST)


  • Paperback, a unique word game with card-drafting and deck-building mechanisms.

  • Codex, a customizable (but not collectable) card game inspired by real-time strategy (RTS) video games.

  • Master of the Galaxy, a fast and furious 4Х board game inspired by the best-selling computer game Master of Orion. Only on Tabletopia!


See you at the table!


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