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24 Oct 2018

Сircuit Breaker, Age of Primes, Retro Baseball

New games digest October

Three new games to try. Read more about Сircuit Breaker, Age of Primes and Retro Baseball.


Circuit Breaker

Circuit Breaker

2-4 Players; 30-45 Minutes

Circuit Breaker is a casual strategy game that can be played with up to three other friends. All players attempt to successfully re-wire their own houses in time for a hastily scheduled house party and will score points by connecting a variety of quirky electrical doodads to their home circuits. Resource management and a crafty rodent will be put to use in a fun and cheeky race to be the most 'happening' party on the block.




Circuit Breaker

Age of Primes

2-4 Players; 15-45 Minutes

After many years in space, the crew of the colony ship Dorchester crash-land on a remote alien world. Splitting into different factions, the colonists build a new civilization dominated by powerful heroes, leaders, and figures of influence.

Age of Primes is an episodic, story-driven customizable card game with a unique science-fiction setting. Players take on different personas, recruit followers, and compete to accumulate Prestige for their House. The first player to amass 25 Prestige wins.


Circuit Breaker

RB8: Retro Baseball 8-bit

2 Players; 30-60 Minutes

RB8 is a real Baseball Simulation brought to you in the retro look of a classic 8-bit experience. Play with one of the 16 complete teams out of the box or draft and build your team based on a point value player system with custom player cards. Will you build your team with big sluggers, dominant pitching, tough defenders, speedsters, or a well-balanced machine? The choice is yours as you get to manage and make the strategic choices.

Whether you’re a fan of baseball, board games, or both you’re going to love the feel and excitement of reliving the good old days in RB8 Retro Baseball!


 Happy gaming, and see you at the table!

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