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04 Jul 2017

The Games of the Rising Sun

Hanafuda and Shogi now available

Great news for those who like classic two-player Japanese games! Meet two additions to our catalog: Hanafuda and Shogi.


Moon Rabbit Hanafuda



Hanafuda (literally 'Flower card') is a deck of beautiful cards originated in 18th-century Japan.

The deck consists of 48 cards divided into 12 suits of four cards each. Each suit represents one of the twelve months of the year or individual plants.


Koi-Koi is a popular Japanese game. Match cards from your hand and the deck to cards in the field to create Yaku or point combinations. 




Shogi & Chu Shogi



Shogi is known as the Japanese chess and is played on a 9 by 9 board, and the object is to capture the opponent's king. The two main differences with Western chess are:

  • not only pawns but almost any piece can promote if it reaches the opponents three last rows
  • captured pieces become property of the capturing player and can be "droped" back on the board.


Chu Shogi is played on a 12×12 board and each player controls 46 pieces. The object is to capture your opponent's King (and Crown Prince, if they have promoted their Drunk Elephant). Unlike Shogi, this game is played without drops.  


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