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24 Sep 2021

No one would dare transgress the rules dictated by Pachamama!

Announcing Pachamama

Your people arrive in a valley in which humankind has not yet left a single footprint. Explore its regions and try to divine what Pachamama wishes you to plant in each location.



The Pachamama wheel specifies the secret setup of the Terrain tiles, determined by the Scenario disc inserted into it before playing. During the game, it indicates the terrain of the spaces the Quechuas discover, according to the precise location of the space.



You must deduce which types of crops your Quechuas should plant to respect the will of Pachamama. It will be crucial to respect:

  • certain size for regions
  • principle of diversity: a region can never contain two identical crops



Pachamama forbids any transgression of these two fundamental rules. For each space on the board, there is only one correct choice!

Honor Pachamama’s desire for variety by planting crops on the Terrain spaces you discover, and by progressing your diversity stones, all while maintaining equilibrium, lockstep with nature.


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