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20 Oct 2021

Tactical communication on the shores of Limbo

Announcing Passengers

On the riverbanks of Limbo, one can peer through the small slits of their burial mask to just make out the glow on the other side of the watery divide. Simply a boat ride away lies eternal bliss. It is known by many names, but for now ‘Afterlands’ will suffice. Your charge is simply to ferry good souls safely to the golden shores beyond, where maybe, someday, you will join them. But only when your debt is deemed repaid.

There is, however, a promise of a shortcut. In all the ages you have served as a Soul Guide, no such offer has ever been presented. So you wonder, would you ever be persuaded to take the deal? Have the others taken it already?




All players are dealt 3 Passengers. The first Passenger they receive determines the faction they will join.

  1. Place a passenger

    In turn order, every player places a Passenger from their hand facedown on one of the boats. They then take the associated blue Voices and Giftcard and place all in front of them.

  2. Use your Gift

    In numerical order, from 0 to 9, all players perform the special action described on their Gift card Here, players try to figure out who is to be trusted, which boat should be ferried to the Afterlands and how you can score bonus points for your team!

  3. Voting

    After some discussion, each player decides which boat they want to send to the Afterlands and use their Voting token to go either Raven or Wolf boat. The Boat that received the most Voices is placed to the right side of the table. The other boat is discarded, along with its Passengers that will remain face down.

After 3 rounds, 3 boats full of Passengers will have reached the shores of the Afterlands. Now it is time to see which team won. All Passengers are revealed and scored.  Besides simply getting points for each Soul or Demon, the Guides and the Smugglers can score bonus points based on the color and position of all the Passengers.

This means that during the game, you will have to know who to trust, when to speak openly, when to bluff and how to use your Gift more effectively. Good teamplay goes a long way!



Coming soon to Kickstarter!

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