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26 Mar 2024

Create a secret society in a new Pax game!

Announcing Pax Illuminaten

1776: Enlightenment era thinking has taken hold across Europe, setting the stage for the modern era, yet in Bavaria the Holy Roman Empire (H.R.E.) reigns supreme, suppressing the dissemination of revolutionary thoughts and ideas. Those wishing to undermine the H.R.E.'s authority and enact Enlightenment reforms must do so from the shadows.

University of Ingolstadt professor Adam Weishaupt, aspiring to mold Bavaria to the ideals of the Enlightenment, formed a secret society to make his vision a reality. His society was called the Order of the Illuminati.


In Pax Illuminaten, a new game in the famous Pax series, players assume the role of an Areopagus, a top ranking disciple of Adam Weishaupt's Order of the Illuminati. You are tasked with accomplishing a series of recruitment plots to extend the reach of the order and grow its web of sympathizers. Players will compete with each other to gain influence over this growing membership in a bid to accomplish Weishaupt's designs ahead of their rivals and become the highest ranked among the Areopagites.

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