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01 Sep 2020

An "I Cut, You Choose" Deckbuilder Set In Feudal Japan!

Announcing Philosophia Floating World

Set in feudal Japan, Philosophia: Floating World is a fully simultaneous deck-builder. In Floating World, you will play as one of six unique characters from Edo Japan. They each have a unique power and a mysterious secret. Explore this fascinating, beautiful world. Build majestic pagodas and Shinto shrines. Learn ancient eastern wisdom or fight ancient monsters... or all of these. This is a sandbox style game, how you play is up to you!


Floating World plays simultaneously over 3 phases which repeat until one player has gained a victory condition. All phases occur simultaneously meaning there is no downtime, it is always your turn!

1. The Draw Phase: Draw the top six cards from your deck and pass them to another player. They take the cards passed to them, choose one to discard and then separate the remaining five into two piles, one containing two cards and one containing three. You do the same for another player then take your two piles and choose one to play in this round, discarding the other.

2. The Collect Phase: Collect items and bonuses indicated on the cards in your hand. You may also pay time tokens to perform extra actions in the next phase.

3. The Action Phase: Simultaneously take actions on the cards in your hand and those that you chose in the collect phase. Disputes caused by the simultaneous nature of these actions are resolved using the influence track, where the player at the top of the track chooses the outcome, however choosing in your own interest drops you to the bottom of the track.


Play continues in this way until a player gains any one of the 7 victory conditions available in the game. This can be by achieving all four of the ganbaru tokens or by discovering another player's secret location and achieving any two of the ganbaru tokens.

Philosophia: Floating World contains over 200 tarot sized cards, 12 intricate miniatures and is filled with beautiful Ukiyo-e style Japanese art, all digitally remastered to regain the original vibrance of the era. Welcome to the Floating World!


The game launched on Kickstarter TODAY!


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