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29 May 2023

An ARTSY Dating Sim 🎨

Announcing Pick Up Artists

Have you ever wanted to fall in love at a very legitimate and not-at-all-sketchy art university? In the year 19XX, Johnathan Dromathan invented Art. It went well. He then used the funds to open up the first art academy, which you - the player - are attending...just to ignore your education in the pursuit of "love."



In Pick Up Artists, you'll romance the group's love interest of choice by gaining the most affection via end-of-game cards, maximizing stats, and successfully beating the romantic interest's current affection threshold.


The Characters of Pick Up Artists

Inspired by the dating sim video game genre, players attend an art university and compete to find love from one of 12 different character archetypes. There's goths, tsunderes, even nyanderes(?). Raise your stats, hinder your rivals, and charm your crush to try and PICK UP some ARTISTS!


Pick Up Artists on Tabletopia


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