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25 Mar 2023

Race across a vibrant alien planet using cool sci-fi gadgets!

Announcing Planeteers

You are Planeteers racing across a vibrant alien planet seeded with randomised Discoveries that can act as boons or hindrances. Use wacky Gadgets to boost yourself or delay opponents, in this easy-going, family-friendly, casual race game for 3-5 players with playful 'take that' elements.


Planeteers game board


The aim of the game is for players to reach the end of the game board, which represents an alien planet. Once a player reaches the end, the game comes to a close, and the winner is determined based on who has accumulated the most treasure, or victory points, up until that point.

There is also a simple version for younger players that just includes the race to the end, without the complexity of victory points.


Planeteers on Tabletopia


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