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04 Apr 2023

A Regency Roll and Write

Announcing Pride and Preju-Dice

Pride and Preju-Dice is a thematic roll and write set in Georgian England. You are a society matchmaker, using your dice rolls to build relationships between the 4 suitors. Each suitor has its own mini-game to progress to build up romantic and/or financial connections between the suitors.



Players are bringing their match-making skills to the forefront in this game of love and money. Do you see the courters pursuing love? The butterflies in their tummies and eyes full of hearts? Or is it about the dowry? Does the potential couple have the right financial investments to create generational wealth for their families? Your actions will decide this!



Play solo, or race against friends, to maximise your points. The game ends when a player either completes matches between all 4 suitors, or makes too many mistakes.


Pride and Preju-Dice components


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