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01 Mar 2023

The final expansion for Pulp Invasion with new spaceships and a new bridge crew

Announcing PULP INVASION! X3

You thought after your last mission that you had finally successfully driven the cosmic hegemony out of the universe. Wrong! The three alien races known as The Red Hegemony are back and have already infiltrated several Intergalactic Alliance planets — but that's not enough for them! They want domination, no matter what the cost...



As a secret agent of the Intergalactic Council, it's your job to prevent this from happening. The fact that this sounds like a hopeless task doesn't stop you from grabbing one of the new ships and assembling a strong crew to embark on a journey to the farthest reaches of the universe and crush the Red Hegemony once and for all!


Pulp Invasion X3 on Tabletopia


In Pulp Invasion X3, you have new spaceships and a new bridge crew to help you eliminate the threat once and for all. Use your skills in combat, diplomacy, and super science to track down their world-shattering super weapons before it's too late!


Pulp Invasion X3 on Tabletopia


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