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27 Jul 2020

Rush to take the center of the Iris

Announcing Quin

Quin is a tabletop strategy game, set in a fictional quantum realm. The goal is to get your Light to First Sight, center, or to capture your opponent's Light. Play quick or reserved, customizing your lineup, your way.



With your pieces hidden from your rival at all times, deception and memory become key skills. The choices you make, and how well you know your opponent, will determine your fate. With 9 types of pieces, each with their own speed, powers and capture abilities - like Shadows with long range, Time that moves your enemy backward, Peripherals that flank, and Voids that cluster - First Sight is only 5 moves away at the start, but you'll never take the same route twice.

Quin's magnetic board and deceptive play will be unlike anything else, ready for your weekly game night or to pass the time on an interstellar shuttle, 500 years from now.


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